5th International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival

December 5 starts in Krakow 5th Festival Divine Comedy. Nine days, as Dante’s nine circles of hell, will provide the audience an unforgettable emotions.

This year’s festival has been divided into 3 parts. The competition Inferno Polish productions were selected the most interesting release of 2012, The Purgatorio will showcase the world premieres and special events. Performances are connected in a series called NIEDOWIARA and raise problems related to religious sensibilities. There will also be lectures and meetings where you can talk to the artists, theorists and critics. Paradiso, in turn, is a chance to see the work of young or undiscovered directors and actors.

The festival is organized by the New Theatre Bath and Krakow Festival Office. During your stay enjoy not only quiet and comfortable hotel in Krakow but much more

More information: http://www.boskakomedia.pl/

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