Boutique hotel

When looking for hotels, in the main, we may come across offers accommodation to formulate a boutique hotel. What does it mean?
Contrary to appearances, this term does not have much in common with the word „boutique” in the sense that we know. This is defined as upscale hotels, a high standard. They are aimed primarily at wealthy clientele, offering an intimate atmosphere, quiet, great location and unique design. They are often found in historic buildings and are organized with the help of well-known interior designers. At the same time these are the hotels that do not belong to any network and possessing a relatively small number of rooms, putting on a discreet and intimate. In Poland, the standard of boutique hotels is scarce, because a dozen. Most of them are located in Krakow. A cosy hotel in Krakow is easiest to find in the vicinity of the main square, where they fit in the old buildings. This type of luxury hotel in Krakow are popular among business people, affluent business travelers and international tourists who appreciate peace and quiet after a busy sightseeing in Krakow.

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