Good hotel in Krakow

What features should have a good hotel where you are going to spend a few days of vacation? Is it better to save money by booking the cheapest hotel or the opposite – pay more and make sure that the conditions under which a few days you will live will meet our requirements.
Choosing the best hotel in Krakow, the first thing to point out is the location. Choose the best hotels in the city center, will make that will minimize the need to use a car or public transport for short walks along the picturesque streets of Old Town. It is best to search hotels in Krakow near the Market. This is a great convenience to have the most important monuments and countless pubs and restaurants within walking distance. A good idea is to find a hotel located near the city center, yet in a quiet and secluded place to avoid street noise. Should easily find a place in the vicinity of the Old Town.
So remember to book hotels with a proven location, preferably in the heart of the city.

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