Nowa Huta – a place worth visiting

Nowa Huta – a symbol of socialist industrialization Polish and Polish resistance against the communist authorities. It is a district of Krakow, which was once a separate town.

It is an attractive place for tourists because it has a rich history that is worth knowing. Places to see include: Administrative Center Huta im. Tadeusz Sendzimir, at the Central Square building, or grave – Monastery in OO. Cistercian, which include: Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. And the Church of St. Wenceslas. Bartholomew. In addition, an interesting place that should see is Krzesławice. It is a kind of museum, located in the midst of urban areas. There are many historical monuments, of which the most popular is the Jan Matejko Manor and Church. St. John the Baptist. Both buildings are from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Nearby is the Wanda Mound, measuring 14 meters high. At the top is a statue of an eagle. Nowa Huta has several museums: the Museum of PRL, the Museum „History of Nowa Huta,” or the Archaeological Museum Branch Nowa Huta. In addition, there are many churches and monuments. The downside of this district is that if we as tourists looking for a hotel in Cracow, the Nowa Huta is not the best place.

Nowa Huta is a special place where you can see and feel the history of this extraordinary place. Anyone who has visited Krakow should also visit this district of the city.

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