Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka is a city located near the city. Its main attraction is the salt mine „Wieliczka”, known throughout the country.

It is a place where everyone can find something for everyone – both adults and those little ones. The visitors will find many attractions. There are several hiking trails, such as the tourist route, Route mining, Route „Secrets of the Wieliczka Salt Mine” and Pilgrimage „God bless you.” Tourist route begins in the glass Danilowicz. During the tour, visitors learn about the history and secrets of the mine. See mining machinery and tools, and hear about them a few curiosities. On the way there are more than 20 chambers, including the Chapel of St. Kinga. Another route – mining, exit begins Regis oldest mining shaft. Tourists have the opportunity to meet mine here „from the inside”. Know the ins and outs of mining rituals and traditions, and see, What was the daily life of miners underground. „Secrets of the Wieliczka Salt Mine,” is the most physically demanding route. It takes a few hours. During the crawl, visitors must be provided with helmets, miners lamps and sinks of carbon dioxide. The trail leads through the pit, which is particularly valuable in terms of history and geology. Pilgrimage route „God bless you” to the trail, where visitors will have the opportunity to find the Chapel of St. Anthony, where they enjoy the numerous sculptures. Another place to look is the Chapel of St. George. Kinga, in which there are a great altar, carved pulpit and salt statue of John Paul II. If we are tourists and bothering us a question: where to stay in Krakow, the answer may be accommodation in Wieliczka.

Salt Mine „Mine” is an interesting and very attractive place for visitors, has to offer rich tourist offer. The mine is ideal for a family trip, and on school trips.

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